Produce Inspections

Baxter Marine Services Inc. is an accredited members of the Canadian Produce Marketing Association as well as a Member of the recognized Blue Book Service.   We provide Inspection and Consultancy services to the Produce Industry which compliment your Business and Produce claims resolution needs

Our Inspections are conducted at the request of the Receiver or Shipper and we endeavour to provide inspections within 24 Hours of a request with a verbal preliminary report at the time of the inspection. This is followed up by a faxed preliminary report within 24 hours and a final report together with photographs and analysis of temperature records within 3 working days of inspection.

These reports are accepted by International Growers, Shippers and Importers, as well as proving their worth in disputed court cases.

Our business is based on over twenty years experience in the produce and inspection business. Since forming our company Baxter Marine Services in 1994 we have been very pleased to consistently work with a solid base of repeat clients as well as regularly introduce new customers to our services.

How do you benefit?

Baxter Marine Services conduct Produce Inspections to assist you to resolve you problems with shippers.

In order to prepare a report which meets your needs, we look at the produce initially based on the Canadian Agriculture Manuals for Condition standards and defects and the percentages of defects covered by these manuals.

We conduct the Inspection with the marketability of the product in mind and will report on problems to the product which whilst not of concern to Agriculture Canada Standards would result in difficulties selling the product at the retail level.   We also note any problem with the packaging or stow of the product on pallets and in containers to allow these problems to be corrected on future shipments or to be claimed back from the relevant parties. The conditions found at inspection are reported and backed up with photographs so that your supplier can also see the problems involved, to assist in a fair resolution of the problem.

We do not conduct grading inspections, however, we are also not involved in detention of produce so that you can work a load quickly to reduce the possibility of losses as well as satisfying your customers requirements for a product.

On request, we can e-mail digital photos to our client or his shipper to expedite agreement on disposal of the load. As well, the final reports can be made available for download from our password protected website.  This features give you prompt access to the report, photographs as well as our invoice.